Nicholas Volinchak, MBA

Lover of Christmas and player of Daily Fantasy Sports

Yep… that’s me in a Christmas sweater. If you knew me, you wouldn’t be very surprised! Doing anything different wouldn’t be on brand.

Isn’t that the problem with so many companies, though? They don’t know who they are, and they try to be different things to appeal to different people. 

If you can’t tell, strategy and brand alignment are my passion. I believe most businesses need help finding and showcasing their unique talents. That’s why we like to work with clients who believe in what they are doing and just need help getting the attention they deserve.

Anyway, I’m Nick Volinchak, Co-Founder of CNV Creative.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Youngstown State University I knew about midway through my degree that I wasn’t going to be going into public accounting… it just wasn’t a personality fit. 

That’s also when I became really interested in speaking our truths and started studying brand alignment. After completion, I decided to move right into my MBA.

Throughout my life, I’ve had experiences that you don’t find everywhere.

I ran a professional wrestling company.

I ran a fantasy sports content website that was incubated by the worlds #1 university affiliated business incubator.

I have helped dozens of clients in a dozen+ industries. From retail and wholesale to online communities, pet care, financial services and so much more.

When Crystal (my wife and co-founder) was busy being really awesome at her job – so much so that the side hustle she started began to grow and become something bigger than we expected, we joined forces.

Our complementary skills make us a perfect team, and growing this team of like-minded entrepreneurs around us has been a rewarding, dream come true.