Crystal Volinchak, MBA

Content Director, PowerShift Interviewee, Crafter, Momma

Cat herder. Radar (MASH). Self-Starter. Those are just a few of the nicknames I’ve picked up along the way. 

I never wanted to run a business. I just wanted to help people do their own thing from behind the scenes. Preferably M-F, 9-5… leave work at work and enjoy my nights, weekends and early mornings (not grinding). 

I didn’t sell magazines door to door at 8 years old. Lemonade stands were just for fun. Selling Girl Scout cookies was never my thing. 

Entrepreneurship just wasn’t for me. 

But a funny thing happens when you work with entrepreneurs. I think it’s contagious. 

Because…. here I am. 

(Insert other cliche entrepreneur #s here).

So, you might ask how I made the shift. 

Well, in my 20s, I was a damn good assistant for a national nonprofit that helps entrepreneurs scale their business. 

If you know anything about good assistants, you know that we throw ourselves at any problem to support any way we can, especially when staff and budgets are small. So sure, Assistant was my official title but Office Manager, Program Coordinator, Tech Wizard, Community Marketer, Event Planner & Get Shit Done Specialist was really more accurate. 

And then we were short a marketing consultant, and I knew a little bit. So I started sitting in on consulting meetings. People started asking me for marketing advice and I liked it. So I kept digging –  attended conferences, read new books and blogs, listened to podcasts, took classes.

I was learning everything I could. 

I got sucked in. To marketing and entrepreneurship. I think that’s how it tends to happen. At some point, I started my own side-hustle as both a virtual assistant and a marketer.

And then life happened and it clicked (just like it does for so many business owners) – If I wanted to get ahead and live life on my terms, then I had to take control. Take a leap. A big, scary leap. A #powershift, if you will. I left my awesome job as an assistant that helps entrepreneurs, to BE that entrepreneur. One who helps amazing people tell their stories, make connections and drive innovation and sales. 

The truth is that I still like to be behind the scenes. I don’t like the spotlight much, but that’s okay. 

And at the end of the day, I’m still a cat herder. I’m still a motivated, self-starter. But these days I’m also a confident & growing marketer & a proud entrepreneur who gets to choose intentional and motivating clients to fill my days. 

And that’s pretty great. 

I am obsessed with:

– Promoting a healthy work/life balance, 
personal development and intentional leadership
– Java Chip Frappuccinos (extra whip, no drizzle)
– french fries &
– family time (with french fries)