Crystal Volinchak, MBA

Founder and CEO, Mommy

Hi! I’m Crystal – Co-Founder and CEO of CNV Creative. Lot’s of people ask what drives me to grow a business that focuses on other businesses.  

The truth is I’ve always been adamant about helping people grow their business from behind the scenes. I got my start as an Operations and Executive Assistant for The SBA and Entrepreneurs like Sujan Patel and Daymond John but I never thought that entrepreneurship was for me. 

…Until I got tired of being stuck where I was and playing by other people’s rules.

So here I am, growing a multi-7 figure business and helping other incredible business owners grow their own multi-7 and 8 figure businesses and I love it! 

Creating this freedom in my life has been one of the most life-changing (and challenging) experiences that I wouldn’t trade for anything! 

So how did I get here?

After giving birth to my first-born, I couldn’t stand the thought of going back to work outside the house and the university I was working for wasn’t equipped to enable me to work from home. So I went back but I started my own side-hustle as both a virtual assistant and a marketer.

When I started realizing the impact I was having, it clicked – If I wanted to get ahead and live life on my terms, then I had to go ALL in. I left my awesome job as an assistant that helps entrepreneurs, to BE that entrepreneur who helps amazing people tell their stories, make connections and drive innovation and sales. 

The truth is that I still like to be behind the scenes, and that works out perfectly because at the end of the day, I’m a proud entrepreneur who gets to choose intentional and motivating clients to fill my days AND I get to grow this amazing team and watch them change lives too.

And that’s pretty great. 

I don’t work ALL day though. I am really passionate about:

– Promoting a healthy work/life balance, 
personal development and intentional leadership
– Java Chip Frappuccinos (extra whip, no drizzle)
– Peach Iced Tea
– Crunchy french fries &
– Time with my favorite people (with french fries)!