Many Great B2B Businesses Fail...

because they have not developed a predictable way to generate leads and sales.

You could be making more sales...

We craft Conversion Funnels to automatically generate new customers for your business.
This is how we do it:

Get To Know You

Most people skip the hard stuff – and that’s why their sales funnels fail. Instead of ignoring it, we have developed a process to not only get to know you but discover your dream customer’s pain points, needs and deepest desires. We analyze your competition and your industry. Because of this discovery period, we can get into the psyche of your audience and make sure that your funnels convert.

Position Your Offer

We will analyze your assets and customer’s needs to create an offer stack that they can’t refuse. Our expert strategists determine the right “bonus” items, upsell and downsell offers and freebies and then price them for maximum perceived value to ultimately maximize your cart value over and over again.

Find Your Dream Client

Once we know who your dream client is, we design highly converting ads to find and convert them. Through paid traffic, we expertly communicate your solution with the right people – people whose interests, job titles, income levels, location, age, sex and more perfectly match your dream client.  

Make The Sale

Once we have their attention, we don’t just guide them, we propel them through the buying process. Through appealing design, story-telling, highly converting copy, and trust-building elements, we convince them that YOU can solve their problems.

And if we don’t make the sale the first time? We have integrated the right technology to bring them back and close the sale.

Automate The Hard Stuff

You’ll never have to worry about delivering another download, adding a client to your pipeline or having a salesperson send a manual reminder email ever again. With marketing automation, you’ll send the right message, to the right user at the exact right moment. The best part? Automation gives you numerous touch points in the customer journey, increasing the life-time value of every customer- while you sleep.

Analyze and Optimize

Our top priority is to optimize your funnel for maximum conversions. We experiment with every element a customer interacts with, dig deep into the analytics and then optimize the design, sales copy, advertisements, abandoned cart emails, delivery emails and more. You can always keep improving on your funnel, even the most successful ones! Our 33-point checklist ensures that you can continue to scale.

the CNV Difference

Expert Strategists and Conversion Marketers
We work alongside you to solve your biggest problems. 

We provide strategic guidance and clarity to our clients and work closely with them from the planning stage through tactical execution, reporting, and success analysis.  

Our goal for each client is the same: only build the systems that will help your business scale.

Don't Get Left Behind

Sharks. Leaders. Influencers. Game Changers. Icons.

We help create, transform, and accelerate the world’s boldest businesses – companies at the top of their game who need just a little more guidance to reach and exceed their goals.

Our Proven Process

  • 1. Strategy
    We work with you to understand your business; it's goals, barriers, clients and more. This helps us formulate a funnel and sales strategy specific for your business to attract your dream client and multiply sales.

  • 2. Blueprint
    After uncovering the necessary details during Strategy, we use that information and our own research to piece together a guideline to an improved online business.

  • 3. Implement
    Using the Blueprint, we put the strategies to work by implementing the proper pages, technology and sequencing, tracking and more.
  • 4. Optimize
    Once everything is in place, you'll start to see more targeted visitors from our content marketing and paid advertising. We'll split-test pieces of the process to ensure the maximum conversion rate is being achieved, and will continue to monitor and update as required.

  • 5. Scale
    Once you know the funnel is converting optimally, it's time to really grow your leads and sales. Spending more to make more is the name of the game here.

  • 6. ROI
    Everyone's favorite part, especially ours. We love seeing clients realize a better online business, one that makes them more money while allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional results to clients.

Integrity, intelligence and diligence are what come to mind when I reflect on working with Crystal. As head of Marketing for Daymond John’s company, The Shark Group, Crystal became my right hand when tackling complex and technical marketing campaigns. She is a HUGE asset to our team and even more amazing to work with. Naturally, we’ve had our fair share of freelancers come and go but Crystal’s intelligence and ability to tackle all and every issue effectively made her our go-to for all operations, technical and marketing help. Simply put, Crystal is incredible…I can’t recommend her enough! She’d be a vital asset to anyone’s team.

Senior Brand Marketing Manager, Mario Armstrong Media

Crystal Volinchak

President and Content Director

Nicholas Volinchak

Operations and Strategy Director

our Team Is Your Team

The Faces Behind Our Success

You Have The Marketing Talent... We Have The Dream Clients

CNV is a true collective of experts. We’re continuously adding world-class marketers with highly specialized skill sets to our team.

You might be called an independent contractor, but you’ll feel like family.


10 Roadblocks That Could Seriously #$%@ Up Your Business Growth

Before you take the plunge and invest more time and money into growing your business, ask yourself these 10 questions.  This free 17-page guide will prepare you to evaluate your next step.

10 Roadblocks That Could Seriously #$%@ Up Your Business Growth

Before you take the plunge and invest more time and money into growing your business, ask yourself these 10 questions.  This free 17-page guide will prepare you to evaluate your next step.